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I.T. Strategies, Inc., Hanover, MA, announced it formed a strategic alliance with Greenwich, CT-based Broadford & Maloney Inc. (BMI), a marketing communications organization serving the graphic-arts and related high-technology industries. The companies say the focus of the partnership is to provide access to an unprecedented depth of services that can enable the faster movement to market and early customer adoption of new digital printing products and technologies.

“The combined efforts of I.T. Strategies and Broadford & Maloney will provide our digital printing industry clients with a new spectrum of synergies never before available to the industry,” says Marco Boer, a principal in I.T. Strategies. “By leveraging the knowledge and experience that I.T. Strategies offers in all aspects of digital printing technology and applications, and the extensive global marketing communications resources of Broadford & Maloney, we have the ability to significantly shorten the time-to-money curve of our clients.”

Digital label printing presses, innovative wide-format graphics and flatbed printers, highly specialized photographic printers, and similar advanced equipment are among the new digital printing technologies that the companies say the alliance will focus on bringing to market.

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