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Dalco recently unveiled its Thermo Image Designs, featuring three backgrounds that customers can use to create script names. Thermo Images come only in a multicolor version with a glossy surface. The Fire Series features flames shooting up from the bottom and stars at the top. The Granite Series offers the grainy look of its namesake stone. The Lighning Series features streaks of lightning crossing each other, with stars in the background. Colors for all three image patterns include navy, light gold, smoke, kelly, scarlet, purple, red/white/blue, royal, maroon, black, and teal. The name with a script tail is offered in an adult and youth size. The adult size has a 4-in. (102-mm) capital, and the youth size has a 3-in. (76.2-mm) capital. Also available are numbers 0-99. Thermo Image Designs are designed to adhere to most fabrics at 335°F (167°C) for approximately eight seconds. Dalco Athletic, PO Box 550220, Dallas, TX 75355-0220, 800-288-3252, e-mail:, Web:

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