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Inca Digital, the Cambridge, England-based manufacturer of large-format inkjet printers, teamed up with 3D/lenticular-software specialist HumanEyes, Jericho, NY. The companies describe the results of their partnership as the best lenticular printing that can be found today.
“The higher the quality of the wide-format machine, the easier it is to handle lenticular and the lower the wastage level,” says Paul Anderson, applications specialist for Inca Digital. “The Spyder 320 and Spyder 150 have the advantage of a static bed, high resolution, low drop volume, and extremely accurate drop placement. Last year, Inca introduced the white option, and this too enhances our lenticular capability…Spyder has had a great track record of printing onto glass, producing some exciting results, so we’re looking forward to trying this out.”

HumanEyes has worked with Inca Digital over the past two years and recently released the LensFree workflow designed to allow users to print backlit-3D and other lenticular effects with plain glass (or Plexiglas), replacing the lenticular lens. The solution is said to reduce the cost of printing because glass is significantly cheaper than lenticular media and allows users to create new applications, such as interior and exterior building decoration, signage, etc.

Inca Digital is located at  511 Coldhams Lane, Cambridge, CB1 3JS UK, +44-1223-577800, fax: +44-1223-577801, Web: HumanEyes can be reached at 366 North Broadway, Ste. 410-C1, Jericho, NY 11753, 800-552-7344, fax: 516-908-7761, Web:

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