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Inca Digital Printers recently announced that the Inca Onset, one year after its introduction, has been considered an innovative technology worthy of a PIA/GATF Intertech Technology Award for 2008.

The Onset is a large-format flatbed UV inkjet printer that handles print sizes up to 10.5 x 5 ft (3.2 x 1.5m) at speeds of up to 6458 sq ft /hr (600 sq m/hr). It can produce 125 or more full-bed sheets, or 375 3 x 5-ft (0.90 x 1.5-m) posters, an hour. Edge-to-edge printing allows images to be printed to bleed on substrates up to 0.39 in. (10 mm) thick and up to 10 kg at full speed.

Inca Digital's Bill Baxter says, "We are sincerely honored that the PIA/GATF judges have deemed the Inca Onset a 2008 Intertech Technology Award recipient. When we introduced the Onset a year ago, I commented that we believed the Onset represents the second major advance in inkjet print production since the first initial introduction of the flatbed press in 2000 and has been engineered from the ground up to achieve new levels of performance. Its design drew on our vast experience of jetting inks and includes some of the core technologies we have developed to produce other Inca presses that already lead the wide format display market in speed and output. Reports from installations throughout the world support our optimism."

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