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ITW says its RedStar MultiCup system is a revolutionary method for containing ink in a closed cup for pad-printing presses. The MultiCup comprises an anodized-aluminum body, plastic ExpressLiner ink container, and interchangeable carbide-metal doctor rings. According to ITW, the cup’s patent-pending configuration enables pad printing with a smaller ink reservoir and saves in material costs and reduced set-up and clean-up times by using disposable cup liners. The carbide-metal doctor ring fits into a recessed groove in the ink-cup liner allowing it to float and form a single, integrated unit. The MultiCup is available in 2.4-, 3.5-, and 5.1-in. (60-, 90-, and 130-mm) inner diameters and features a ruby-red anodized finish. The translucent polypropylene ExpressLiners and carbide doctor rings are available in matching sizes for easy insertion and removal. RedStar MultiCups can be used with all ITW Trans Tech pad-printing presses, cliches plates, and inks. ITW Trans Tech, 475 N. Gary Ave., Carol Stream, IL 60188-4900, 630-909-5762, fax: 630-752-4473, Web:


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