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Inkcups Helix 2.0 Cylindrical Printers

Inkcups Helix 2.0 Cylindrical Printers

Redesigned with faster speeds and advanced features.

Inkcups’ Helix 2.0 line of redesigned cylindrical inkjet printers includes the upgraded Helix 2.0 and Double Helix presses, plus a new Helix+ machine. Each printer offers a redesigned appearance with wider frame and illuminated interior. Other standard available features include automated cylinder height adjust, automatic intelligent diameter measurement, and Helix software package.

The Helix 2.0 printer still offers full-color (CMYKWW + varnish) printing on straight-walled and tapered cylinders. The press also leverages new features, including ColorBoost proprietary system with two channels per head for higher quality images at faster speeds; increased in-line pretreatment options for adding corona, plasma, or jettable primer; optional light curtain for operator safety; and the option to perform curing at the back of the machine.

The new Helix+ is designed as a stepping stone between the single-print-fixture Helix 2.0 and the twin-print-fixture Double Helix. The Helix+ is a single-tunnel machine that can be upgraded to a double-tunnel design for added flexibility.


PRODUCT CATEGORY: Digital Printing / Graphics Printing / Industrial Printing


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