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Inkcups Laser Plate Maker

Inkcups Laser Plate Maker 

Designed for plate making and engraving substrates.

Inkcups has announced the Cobalt Pro CO2 laser plate maker, designed with a 40W ceramic-core laser and 17 x 24-in. etching area for small shops seeking a laser etching machine and plate maker, according to the company. The plate maker is engineered for etching plates for pad printing, as well as engraving substrates including plastic and wood. Compatible plate materials include exposed polymer, DuraLaze, CrystaLaze, Laser Aqua, Laser Red, and Laser Orange.

Features include ability to output large high-res images up to 1,500 dpi on variety plates and multiple plates at once; closed-loop DC servo motor with continuous shaft power at high speeds for improved accuracy; AutoFocus operations control feature for precise focal point adjustment; 4-line LCD display panel with current file name, total working time, laser power, engraving speeds, and more; Marker for fast, precise artwork positioning; Job Queue, Guidelines drag-and-drop registration, and Repeat function; and simplified maintenance performance.


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