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Inkcups Showcases Pad and Laser Printing Systems at Impressions Expo 2022

Display to feature the company’s Brite, B100, 2200-PS, ICN-200, B150, and CobaltONE machines.




(PRESS RELEASE) DANVERS, MA – Global printing industry leader Inkcups showcased five of its leading Tagless pad printers and one laser plate-maker at Impressions Expo 2022. Recognized as the industry’s premier and most advanced decorated apparel trade show, the event was held January 21-23, 2022, at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, California.

The Inkcups display featured the company’s Brite, B100, 2200-PS, ICN-200, B150, and CobaltONE. During the show, the Brite machine produced high-quality prints on performance wear and the rest of the machines printed on several different fabrics.

The Brite Tagless pad printing machine is best known for its ability to print highly opaque white ink onto dark-colored fabric material. An easy-to-use tabletop pad printer, it is ideal for printing on sportswear and athletic T-shirts. The Brite pad printer paired with the SB Brite Opaque Garment Printer Ink offers the brightest white on dark materials without fading, thereby surpassing industry standards for durability.

An Inkcups best seller, the B100 pad printer is a tabletop, one-color machine that can be equipped with tagless garment fixtures. The B100 also features the patented VersaCup® ink cup assembly, with two-sided ceramic ring and tool-less set up to support rapid job changeover. Designed to handle parts up to 4.25 inches tall, including the part fixture, the B100 has a robust pad compression capability of 120lbs at 80 PSI. As the go-to garment labeling machine, the B100 is perfect for demanding, heavy-duty apparel decorating and label needs.

The 2200-PS is a two-color pad printer equipped with a heavy-duty, dual-position pneumatic pad-slide mechanism. The pad slide simplifies part fixturing and ensures flawless second-color registration on apparel products. The 2200-PS’s membrane touch control also simplifies the set-up process. Ideal for larger volumes, the 2200-PS pad printer utilizes a 90mm VersaCup® ink cup assembly printing images up to 3.1 inches. This machine is the best solution for 2-color label tag printing.

The ICN-200 pad printer is a one-color printer ideal for large logos and tags. With a sturdy base cabinet assembly and an XYR tooling table, the ICN-200 is perfect for handling and registering artwork on larger items. Another large-image pad printer to be featured at the show is the B150, a versatile benchtop printer for tagless one-color applications. The B150 is a versatile large-image pad printer of the highest caliber due to its ability to house a 150mm VersaCup®, producing a 5.5 inch print.


The last machine is a pad printing plate maker, the CobaltONE. This compact fiber laser etches the finest detail in the industry and has the ability to support multiple pad printing machines in a production facility.

To learn more about these machines, please visit Inkcups at the show, or check out the full lineup on the Inkcups website:

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