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Lancer Group has expanded its family of inks and software products with the addition of four new products. Excalibur 1800 Series inks and Spot Process software, developed jointly by Lancer and Freehand Graphics, is a system designed to produce vibrant color separations for screen-printing applications. Spot Process software is used to create color separations, which are then screen printed using Excalibur 1800 series inks to create what the companies describe as vibrant prints and heat transfers. Lancer’s new Excalibur Sponge Base can be used to create special effects that produce prints with a soft, foamy, and rubber-like feel. Sponge Base can be used by itself or as an underbase for special effects. Pigment concentrates also can be added to the base to create a range of colors. Lancer says its Excalibur Triumph Single-Step nylon inks represent a new generation of plastisol technology for direct and heat-transfer printing onto nylon and other high-stretch fabrics. Triumph is a single-part system that does not require hazardous chemical bonding agents to be added and contains no solvents, phthalates, or heavy metals. Triumph is used with ColorPRO Pantone Matching System to produce a range of colors. Excalibur 400FF Series Fast Fusion inks are designed for use on high-stretch fabrics that require low curing temperatures. Lancer says that ideally, 400FF curing can be achieved at temperatures ranging between 135-140ºC (275-285 ºF) and the inks are designed for compliance with requirements for heavy metals and other restricted chemicals. 400FF Series Fast Fusion inks also are phthalate-free. Lancer Group Int’l, 311 Saulteaux Crescent, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3J 3C7, 204-889-7422, fax: 204-897-3663, Web:


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