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Nazdar formulated its Lyson 1000 and 1300 Series Digital Inks for use in Mimaki JV-3 large-format inkjet printers. The company says Lyson 1000 inks offer the widest color gamut available, superior color durability for up to two years, fast drying, and excellent adhesion to and flexibility on most self-supporting flexible and pressure-sensitive vinyl. Lyson 1300 inks, according to Nazdar, are substantially more cost-effective than the OEM inks and precisely match the color profiles of the Mimaki inks for the JV-3, eliminating the need to re-profile the inks. Lyson 1000 and 1300 Series inks are available in CMYKLcLm and are packaged in bulk quantities that require the use of a bulk-ink system and 440-ml compatible cartridges (also 220 ml in EMEA). Nazdar, 8501 Hedge Lane Terr., Shawnee, KS 66227, 913-422-1888, fax: 913-422-2296, Web:


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