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The Overland Park Convention Center in Kansas set the stage for the 2009 Membrane Switch and Printed Electronics Symposium, held May 5-7. Professionals from around the country met there to discuss market trends, technical advancements, and innovations.

Some of the highlights of the program included an overview of the history and development of computer-to-screen (CTS) technology and its impact on production; the expansion of conductive-ink printing into flexography, roll-to-roll printing, and other high-speed print processes; a report on the manufacture of photovoltaic products and the rapid commercialization of printed organic semiconductors; a discussion of various laser technologies for the removal of metallization; and more.

In addition to the educational programs, attendees connected with distributors and manufacturers who showcased the latest technologies and applications in the Symposium’s exhibitor area. The event also gave participants the opportunity to take plant tours of Nazdar and Preco Inc.’s production facilities. For more information about the 2009 Membrane Switch and Printed Electronics Symposium, visit, Keyword: Electronics.


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