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Océ developed its Pro-Select line of instant-dry media in response to growing demand for papers and films that can deliver accurate and predictable color. The media, which includes four films, three photo papers, and one proofing paper, is designed for 17- to 60-in. (432- to 1524-mm) photo and proofing printers, including models from Océ, Epson, Canon, and HP. The line includes 7-mil pop-up film with grayback (PSPOPUP), 5-mil PET white film (PSWHTFLM), 5-mil premium backlit film (PSBACKLIT), 5-mil premium clear film (PSCFLM), 9-mil proofing paper (PSPROOF), 10-mil satin photopaper (PSphotoS), 10-mil glossy photopaper (PSphotoG), and 9-mil portrait surface photopaper (PSphotoP).Océ North America, Inc., Imaging Supplies Div., 1800 Bruning Dr. W., Itasca, IL 60143-1093, 800-323-4827, e-mail:, Web:


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