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InteliCoat Technologies, South Hadley, MA announced it has been awarded $381,350 by the state of Massachusetts to help fund its LEAN manufacturing program implementation. The LEAN Program was launched in October 2007, and its goal is to eliminate waste company-wide in every process within the customer value chain. To date, the program reportedly has played a critical role in accelerating time-to-market for new products, increasing customer-service levels, and strengthening InteliCoat’s global leadership in providing world-class digital imaging products to the wide-format market.

The grant will enable InteliCoat to continue to fund the changes necessary to optimize operational cost reductions. InteliCoat already has employed workforce training in Waste Awareness and Elimination Training and “5S” (Simplify/Straighten/Scrub/Stabilize/Self Discipline) training. InteliCoat says the grant will allow additional training in operational capability, knowledge flow, operational excellence, and sustainability.

“We’re extremely excited about receiving the Workforce Training Fund Award and about expanding upon InteliCoat’s commitment to excellence through our LEAN Program,” says Joe Lupone, CEO of InteliCoat. “This is a true vote of confidence in our business plan by the state of Massachusetts. As a result of implementing LEAN throughout the enterprise, we’ve made significant progress in dramatically reducing operational costs and waste while increasing our service levels. We’re confident that this approach will provide our customers with greater value.”

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