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Kevin Oakley | Stoked on Printing

Kevin OakleyKevin Oakley
Customer Success President
Starting in a spare bedroom to print shirts for our bands shows & tours, we have grown Stoked On Printing to multiple automatics, tons of embroidery and digital printing, outputting millions of shirts yearly. Keeping a DIY ethic through every phase of growth has allowed us to never forget where we came from and to always make sure we are pushing the limits of what’s possible. Kevin is a 2019 Screen Printing Rising Stars Award winner.

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Congratulations to the six winners of the third annual Rising Stars Awards. Watch the recording of the live virtual awards ceremony from January 28, 2020. The recipients – all of whom are age 35 or younger – were chosen based on their professional accomplishments, fresh thinking, contributions toward industry advancement, commitment to excellence, and a strong impact on their organizations.

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