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Kornit's Avalanche Pro DTG Printer

Kornit’s Avalanche Pro DTG Printer

Digitally prints on polyester.

Kornit Digital has introduced the Kornit Avalanche Poly Pro, a single-step, industrial direct-to-garment printer featuring new Kornit NeoPoly Technology for on-demand digital textile printing on polyester. The NeoPoly system allows for low-temperature curing without dye migration or damage to the fabric, the company reports. Features CMYK + white + poly enhancer with an integrated ink recirculation system; Kornit NeoPigment Olympia PVC-free inks are Oeko-Tex and Eco-Passport certified. With a printing area of 23.5 x 35 in., the machine images up to 1200 dpi resolution on white or dark polyester of varying types: woven, knits, poly blends, and different fabric textures.


MANUFACTURER: Kornit Digital
PRODUCT CATEGORY: Digital Printing / Garment Printing


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