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You can create full-color, industrial-grade signs, labels, and tags in a snap with Brady’s GlobalMark Industrial Label Maker. Brady’s free 3.0 software upgrade is designed to provide enhanced functionality and improved printing and previewing speed. The Online Printing from an Application function automatically indicates when the system has established a connection with the computer via the online screen. Users can cancel print jobs at any point in the operation. The File Management Utility enables transferring and managing files between the printer and computer. Print Density Settings are available for enhanced color options. Vertical Print appears in the Insert Objects screen, which allows users to create a vertical text box from the beginning of the layout process. Users can override colors requested on screen and print with different colors. User guides are available on CD-ROM. To order the free upgrade, contact Brady Corp., PO Box 571, Milwaukee, WI 53201-0571, 888-272-3946, fax: 800-292-2289, Web:


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