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D&K Group recently launched a new roll-laminating product for the plastic card market. The company’s PVC Card laminating film is designed to adhere to standard PVC stock used with print processes in the card industry. D&K says the film offers a clear, permanent surface with outstanding optical properties. The film is available with mag striping, writeable matte surfaces, and thermally printable surfaces, and it can be embossed. According to D&K, the combination of the company’s PVC Card film and its upgraded Double Kote NT laminating system (using heated nip rollers) allows production speeds of up to 2000 12 x 18-in. (305 x 457-mm) sheets/hr. D&K has partnered with Spartanics to develop a complete card-manufacturing system using common print engines, upgraded D&K Double Kote NT laminating system, and Spartanics inline cutter. D&K Group, 1795 Commerce Dr., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007, 847-956-0160, 800-632-2314, fax: 847-956-8214, Web:



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