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Thieme expanded its 5000 Multicolor Line with the addition of the 5080 and 5090 presses, featuring new drive systems, all-steel framing, and a new patented squeegee-bridge system. The 5080 and 5090 systems can be fitted for polybanner printing. Standard features of the 5000 systems includ modular design, ability to print up to six colors, and flexible software to support a range of screen-printing applications. The systems also feature servo-drive motors that offer smooth, quiet, and efficient operation, as well as precise registration, and UV dryers that operate at cool temperatures and energy-savings settings. The 5000 Multicolor Line features print sizes ranging from 30 x 41 in. (750 x 1050 mm) to 63 x 120 in. (1600 x 3050 mm) and print speeds from 600-1300 impressions/hr. Thieme Corp., 3605 Swenson Ave., St. Charles, IL 60174, 630-513-1666, fax: 630-513-1999, e-mail:, Web:


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