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Inkcups Now says a year of research and development yielded three new types of laser-engravable plates for pad printing: AccuLaze plates for CO2 or YAG lasers and Cobalt Ultra and Cobalt Steel Back for YAG lasers. AccuLaze is designed for small graphics, fine lines, and process-color images. It has a fixed depth of 0.00085 in. (0.02 mm), which Inkcups Now says makes it very easy to find the correct settings on any capable CO2 or YAG laser system. Cobalt Ultra is a thick plate material, designed for resistance to damange and use for large, bold images and ink cups with steel rings. Cobalt Steel Back is the most durable of the laser plate materials, according to Inkcups Now, and was developed for extended production runs and the use with magnetic ink cups. Inkcups Now, 20 Locust St., Danvers, MA 01923, 978-646-8980, fax: 978-646-8981, Web:



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