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SignUp, from EskoArtwork, is a prepress layout application tool designed for print shops that want to streamline production and minimize waste. The software assembles and nests arriving jobs and conducts layouts based on ordered quantities and job priorities. It can also conduct nesting for rectangular and irregular shapes, based on cutting contour. SignUp then sends a PDF file to a digital printer and simultaneously sends finishing information to the EskoArtwork Kongsberg cutting table. SignUp is a central, RIP-independent application, and it can be used on various sheet- and roll-fed digital printing and proofing devices. SignUp allows for last-minute edits to cutting paths and can create a die shape automatically. SignUp also automatically compensates for milling on the contours, so that pieces fit precisely when they are removed from the cutting table. Automatic masking and auto bleed for multi-tile wall displays and special applications are available as options. EskoArtwork, 721 Crossroads Ct., Vandalia, OH 45377, 937-454-1721, fax: 937-454-1522, Web:


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