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In an effort to reach out to the families of soldiers deployed overseas, LexJet has found a way to bring the soldiers home to their families—through life-size photos of the soldiers. The photo, called Flat Daddy, is a life-size rendition of the soldier.

LexJet enlisted the help of Toledo, OH-based SFC Graphics to print the Flat Daddies. Erick Crockett, business-development manager of SFC Graphics says that Flat Daddy is a worthy cause and a perfect fit for the company’s wide-format-printing capabilities.

SFC uses its 72-in.-wide ColorSpan inkjet printer to output the photos onto LexJet 55 intermediate adhesive vinyl, donated by LexJet. Crockett says that SFC has printed armfuls of Flat Daddies and is working on getting the word out to other military families across the country who would like a free Flat Daddy. To accomplish this goal, SFC created a Website at

The Flat Daddy concept was originated by Elaine Dumler, who also authored the books I’m Already Home and I’m Already Home…Again. Dumler’s Website,, provides a history of Flat Daddy and additional information and resources.
 “LexJet has always been active in supporting local charitable projects, so it was exciting to become involved in a good cause with national scope like Flat Daddy that also allows us to utilize our expertise in wide-format imaging,” says Camillia Mankovich, LexJet’s marketing director.

Anyone interested in offering donations and sponsorships to SFC to help offset the costs of printing and shipping the Flat Daddies can contact SFC Graphics at 110 E. Woodruff Ave., Toledo, OH 43624, 419-255-1283, 800-537-1130, fax: 419-255-5558, Web:

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