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Lumaline counter products, available from Teck View A/S (Copenhagen, Denmark), won the SGIA Product of the Year Award in the finishing category. Lumaline counter also achieved the Silver medal award in the FESPA Digital Print Award ’07.

Lumaline products include counters and display units for trade shows, in-store activities, and other promotional campaigns. The products can be fitted with inside illumination to draw more attention to the image.

The core of the Lumaline system includes a modular frame and flexible polycarbonate sheet wall. When mounted to the frame, the polycarbonate becomes a rigid structure. Polycarbonate sheets for Lumaline products are printed on a flatbed press, using CMYK colors plus white. The four-color graphic is printed first, in reverse, and then the white color is printed on top of the CMYK layers, enclosing the graphic between the clear polycarbonate and the white layer. For more information about the products, visit

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