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MACtac, Stow, OH, announced the launch of its Application Development Team, developed to work collaboratively with customers to provide product and process solutions for the industries MACtac serves, including the labels and labeling industry. MACtac says the team is composed of professionals with extensive experience in several key manufacturing disciplines, as well as company executives.



MACtac also says the for customers, working with the Application Development Team is comparable to working with a personalized research and development department that offers a unique margin of difference through new and refined solutions. The team’s focus is to help customers improve their product portfolios and process-management activities by acting as a true R&D partner.



 “With the creation of the Application Development Team, MACtac is reinforcing its dedication to our customers and its commitment to delivering to the industry the most effective solutions for the toughest challenges,” says Ed LaForge, vice president of marketing, MACtac North America.



 “The Application Development Team has been a great resource for our customers, helping them meet some of their longest-standing business challenges,” says Mark Tangry, vice president of sales, MACtac North America. “The sales force is committed to continuing to work with customers to help them address their unique challenges and on finding unique applications to address industry-wide issues.”


MACtac says the team will work toward developing innovative solutions for all of MACtac’s areas of expertise, including graphics, roll label and sheets, medical, and technical.


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