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MACtac, Stow, OH, entered into an agreement with Salt Lake City, UT-based ONYX Graphics, Inc. designed to incorporate MACtac media and International Color Consortium Profiles (ICC) into ONYX Workflow Software packages for optimal color quality every time. MACtac’s ICC profiles are integrated into ONYX software in such a manner that when a new printer is purchased, the profiles for MACtac IMAGin media will be available upon the download of the ONYX driver.

“The synergy created by the formal incorporation of MACtac ICC media profiles with ONYX software on a global scale is an integral step in allowing customers to quickly and easily convert and create a flawless image,” says Mark Nelson, digital OEM specialist for MACtac.

“We are very pleased about this agreement between ONYX Graphics and MACtac as it shows a high level of commitment to our mutual customers,” says Dean Derhak, product director at ONYX Graphics. “The goal is to make it very easy for our customers to incorporate MACtac profiles into the ONYX Graphics workflow, giving them the ability to consistently produce high-quality prints.”

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