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MACtac’s new Application Nation Website is designed to serve as an online community for graphics installers. It offers graphics installation news, information, trends, and ideas and allows installers to chat and build relationships with their peers and other industry professionals.

“Application Nation started as MACtac’s application training course, but the ultimate goal was always to make it a destination,” says said Jason Yard, marketing application specialist, MACtac Graphic Products. “This was created specifically for installers in the graphics industry, and is a reliable resource to help them excel and capitalize on what they already do. The site features interactive functionalities and showcases creativity, style, technique and more for those that perform a crucial step in delivering our final product.”

The site offers navigation to MACtac distributors worldwide and an Ask the Expert section that contains questions and answers from users. Application Nation also features a Wizard Builder, a database of MACtac product information that enables an installer to select criteria for an installation project. The database then populates the correct MACtac products for the job.

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