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Durst now offers maintenance software for users of the Durst Rho 351R printers. The software includes a preventative maintenance schedule and maintenance videos embedded in the program. The maintenance videos, visible in the maintenance dialog box, show users how to carry out each individual maintenance action, as well as the necessary tools/accessories and the ordering of spare parts. The display reminds users and keeps track of maintenance activities such as purge cycle/wiping, inspection of print plane, wet wipe, oiling guiding rails, replacing UV-lamp filters, replacing air filters, inspection of transport roller, inspection of the sledge encoder, replacing UV lamps, refilling print sledge bearings, and replacing main ink filters. Additional features include extended SMS-Alerting for up to four mobile phones and a Queue Re-Print option. Durst Phototechnik Digital technology GmbH, Julius-Durst-Strasse 11, A-9900 Lienz, Austria, 0043-485-27-17-77, Web:

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