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Garment Printing




Start-up shops that need pro-quality presses may find what they need in Vastex’s V-1000. The manual garment press is equipped with a floating heat design with a three-point bearing lock designed to ensure accurate registration. It also can be used with all heads down. The press features microregistration, six-way screen leveling, and steel platens with rubber tops that can be leveled. The V-1000 is available in various configurations, including tabletop and floor-standing units. A utility cart is available for the table-top unit, and it can also be used to store inks and screens. The table-top model is available as one station with up to four colors. The standing press includes up to four stations/six colors. Vastex Int’l Inc., 1032 N. Irving St., Allentown, PA 18109-1846, 610-434-6004, fax: 610-434-6607, e-mail:, Web: www.


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