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Printa bills its 770 Series press as the most compact and versatile textile screen-printing system on the market. It’s available as a four-color/four-station and a six-color/four-station unit. The press requires 50 sq ft (4.6 sq m) when in operation and 10 sq ft (0.93 sq m) of storage space. The 770 Series features a dual pin-registration system and a dual-function, onboard exposure unit that doubles as a light table. The screen-alignment system has tapered screen pins and tapered clamp portals that allow the printer to expose the screen onboard, to remove the screen from the press for rinse out, then replace it in position after drying. The unit also has a built-in screen-drying and storage cabinet and a flash-cure unit. Printa Systems, 127 10th St. S. #600, Kirkland, WA 98003, 425-828-8933, Web:



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