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Neschen expanded its line of media with non-textile substrates for digital graphics applications. The substrates come in two categories: SolvoPrint for use with solvent, eco-solvent, and UV printers; and PrintLux for printers that use water-based inks. SolvoPrint Performance Air Glide 60 is a 2.4-mil-thick, self-adhesive PVC media that can be applied using a roller laminator or by hand. It features a glossy surface and textured release liner designed to create air channels in the media’s adhesive layer, which allows air to escape during application. SolvoPrint Easy Panel 310 (12.4 mil) and 430 (17.2 mil) are PVC media. They’re semi-opaque, have B1 and NFPA 701 fire-retardance certifications, and feature a coating designed to resist scratching. SolvoPrint Nolite 350 and PrintLux Nolite 350 are 14-mil, opaque, polyester media with a matte, white, print-receptive coating and a light-blocking backing. SolvoPrint DGS Scratch is a 5-mil, light-diffusing polyester media intended for indoor and outdoor backlit applications. It has a print-receptive coating on the backside and a face designed for scratch resistance. SolvoPrint Paper 240 Satin is a 9.6-mil, white paper media with a satin sheen. Neschen says it is biodegradable. Neschen Americas, 7091 Troy Hill Dr., Elkridge, MD 21075, 800-257-7325, Web:


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