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Midwest Sign and Screen, St. Paul, MN, was a sponsor for the 100th episode of “Extreme Makeover Home Edition,” which was filmed in Minnesota Aug. 21-27. Midwest teamed up with Signs of Perfection and donated more than 6000 sq ft of banner and other supporting materials, which Signs of Perfection used to create signage for the show. The signage recognized the businesses and people who made the project possible and provided direction on the set of the show.

The Swenson-Lee family was chosen as the recipient of the new home. Four Lee children were orphaned when their mother was killed by an abusive ex-boyfriend. Their mother’s sister, Vicki Swenson, her husband, and three children took the Lee children into their three-bedroom home. Now a family of nine with another child on the way, the Swenson-Lees needed a larger home. “Extreme Makeover Home Edition,” with the help of the community, came to their aid.

“It was fantastic to experience people working together without pay for a very deserving family. I would like to thank our customer, Signs of Perfection, TJB Homes, and ABC for the opportunity to be involved,” says Pete Weinberg, manager of Midwest’s St. Paul branch. The 100th episode aired on ABC on Nov. 25. For more information about the project, visit

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