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Mimaki Direct-to-Film Inkjet Press

Mimaki Direct-to-Film Inkjet Press

Designed to prevent common DTF issues.

Mimaki has revealed the 31.5-in. TxF150-75, the company’s first DTF inkjet printer for the textile and apparel printing market. The press features a built-in ink circulation system and degassed ink pack design with aluminum packs engineered to prevent common DTF issues such as poor ink ejection and white ink clogging. TxF150-75 offers additional features, including a nozzle check unit, nozzle recovery system, RasterLink7 RIP software, and new PHT50 Oeko-Tex Eco Passport-certified, water-based heat transfer pigment inks in CMYK + white. The TxF150-75 is designed for full-color printing on a range of light or dark fabrics. Applications include custom merchandise, sportswear, and apparel decoration.


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