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Melco says its Amaya XT can adapt to all production demands. Amaya XT supports sewing speeds up to 1500 stitches/min, accommodates up to 16 colors, and can be configured with as many single-head units as the user requires. The system features Acti-Feed software, which is designed to use three operating parameters per needle to deliver a precise amount of tension and feed. Melco says Acti-Feed enables the machine to run faster, minimize thread breaks, and run more types of designs without backing materials. Other features include a laser eye for tracing and positioning, height-adjustable presser foot, cylindrical lower arm, and a coated rotary hook. Each embroidery machine can operate independently, even when networked, which means all other machines can continue production when one unit stops in case of a thread break and individual units in the same system can be used for small runs and samples. Melco Industries Inc., 1575 W. 124th Ave., Denver, CO 80234, 303-457-1234, 800-799-8313, fax: 303-252-0508, Web:


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