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The Tuf Accu-Stretch is a modular screen-stretching system from Workhorse Products designed to produce screens that will print at higher, more uniform tensions for increased production speed and quality. The unit is made with self-equalizing stretch clamps, and it allows users to apply mesh directly from the bolt. Its modular design facilitates adjustment to match a variety of screen sizes, and Accu-Stretch works with all types of stretch-and-glue frames. The device’s locking bars are coated with PVC to protect the mesh; its brace bar prebows the frame for maximum, even tension; and it features infinite and independent warp- and weft-tension control for uniform tension. The Accu-Stretch comes in nine sizes, from 24 x 36 to 60 x 60 in. (610 x 914 to 1524 x 1524 mm). Modular upgrades come in five sizes, from 12-60 in. (305-1524 mm). Workhorse Products, 3730 E. Southern Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85040, 602-437-2305, 800-778-8779, fax: 602-437-2270, Web:



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