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M&R’s Starlight Adjustable Spectrum Output (ASO) UV LED screen

M&R Introduces Starlight ASO

Vary light output from zero to 100 percent.

M&R’s Starlight Adjustable Spectrum Output (ASO) UV LED screen exposure system uses three independently adjustable nanometer ranges to increase screen exposure flexibility. The light output of each range can vary from 0 to 100%; operators can increase or decrease gain according to the needs of each emulsion. The unit can be stand-mounted or used on a tabletop, and its 6840 UV LED lamps reduce energy costs, exposure time, and operation temperatures.

Additional features include a digital touch-screen controller designed to automate screen exposures and enable operator-free production. Vacuum and exposure times can be set between 0.1 and 999.9 sec. The system’s Job Recall feature stores data for up to 24 profiles. The screen exposure lamp can’t be turned on while the blanket frame is open, eliminating risk to nearby unexposed screens. The unit also includes several non-exposing LED inspection lights. A CTS retrofit kit is optional.

The unit can expose screen frames up to 31 x 40 in. and is compatible with most sizes of the company’s Tri-Loc Registration System.



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