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The Photon UV-LED curing system from M&R

M&R Releases the Photon

UV-LED curing system consumes less energy and transfers less head to substrates.

The Photon UV-LED curing system from M&R, introduced at SGIA Expo in October, offers cool-running lamps that transfer very little heat to temperature-sensitive substrates. The LED technology also consumes less power compared to conventional light sources such as gallium and mercury vapor, lasts longer (up to 25,000 hrs), and increases the longevity of the conveyor belt. The unit features a sheet sensor that automatically turns the LEDs on and off, further reducing power consumption. A turbine holds lightweight substrates on the belt while cooling the chamber, and since no ozone is generated in the curing process, exhaust air does not have to be vented outside. The Photon has a touch-screen control panel to control lamp settings, belt speed, timers, maintenance reminders, programming, and system status messages. Tool-free adjustments allow substrates of different thicknesses to be accommodated.



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