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Sun Chemical expanded its ink offerings for display graphics with the addition of GEN 7 UV  and COMETAL ink systems. The GEN 7 ink system can be used on treated polyethylene banner, styrene, treated or top-coated mylar/polyester, treated coroplast, treated high-density polyethylene sheet, coated paper and board, rigid vinyl, ABS, acrylic, PETg, and polycarbonate. Sun Chemical says GEN 7 inks are made with high-performance pigments that offer excellent outdoor durability, and the rheology has been optimized for excellent printability for a smooth finish with low dot profile. GEN 7 inks are VOC and NVP free. The ink also meets the ISO G7 specification, which is used for the G7 calibration process required by some major retailers in North America to maintain printing consistency. COMETAL UV inks can be used on decorated, coated-metal appliance parts and metal signs that pass the Tabor Test, which determines abrasion resistance. The COMETAL ink system reportedly is very flexible and allows for embossing, debossing, and bending without fracturing. The inks offer five- to seven-year outdoor durability, emit no VOCs, and do not require the use of conventional gas dryers. Sun Chemical’s SunTronic inks are screen-printing inks designed for printing circuit boards, membrane switches, fascia panels, industrial labels, medial sensors, and other applications in the printed-electronics market. Included in the product line are Aqualine water-based, flexo, silver conductive inks; SunTronic 280 conductive silver inks; and SunTronic 680 UV dielectric inks. Sun Chemical Corp., Sun Chemical Corp., 35 Waterview Blvd., Parsippany, NJ 07054-1285, 973-404-6000, fax: 973-404-6001, Web:


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