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Triangle Ink says its Phoenix White #1701 is the perfect multipurpose white ink to choose when you’re looking for brilliant opacity, good printability, and strong bleed resistance. The ink is formulated to be creamy, odorless, and used on fabrics such as 100% cotton, cotton/poly blends, and 100% polyester. It reportedly has an extremely white, smooth finish with a soft hand, offers excellent adhesion and abrasion resistance when properly cured, and can be used with any type of solvent-resistant emulsion. Phoenix White cures at between 315-330ºF (157-165.5°C), depending on the ink deposit, dryer efficiency, and other factors. It is available in 1- and 5-gal containers. Triangle Ink Co., 53-57 Van Dyke St., Wallington, NJ 07057, 800-524-1592, e-mail:, Web:


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