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Nazdar, Shawnee, KS and Stow, OH-based MACtac teamed up to create the MACtac-Nazdar Digital Warranty, designed to give printers and end users complete assurance that finished graphics manufactured by MACtac and printed with Nazdar Lyson inks and overprint clears fulfill the specific outdoor and indoor durability requirements of these market segments.

“The MACtac-Nazdar Digital Warranty will be an important business tool for our customers to produce graphics that meet the demands of today’s marketplace,” says Phil McGugan, vice president of global sales and marketing for Nazdar.

Rick Moore, graphics marketing director for MACtac, says, “With the wide variety of MACtac media and printers using Nazdar Lyson inks that have now been evaluated and certified for compatibility, digital printers are now free to explore their many applications with a new level of confidence.”

The warranty covers eight MACtac IMAGin products, including JT5929BFD, JT5529BFD, JT5828P, JT5829P, JT829P, Digitrans, and WN628, WallNOODLE (Europe items numbers are JT5929MFB, JT5529MBF, Digitrans, PV828P, PV829P, and WallWrap 200). The products are covered for durability under normal vertical exposure conditions when stored and applied in accordance with procedures in MACtac’s technical literature, performance guides, and application guide. The warranty applies to graphics printed with the specified Nazdar Lyson ink on the following digital printers: Mutoh ValueJet (Lyson 2100 series), Roland SOLJET and VersaCAMM (Lyson 2100 series), Mimaki JV-3 (Lyson 1300 series), NUR Salsa, Ultima, and Fresco HiQ, Arizona T220, DGI VT II 62 and 92 (Lyson 505 series), and Mutoh Toucan, Gandi, Jeti 3300, Jeti 5000, and other Spectra Novo printhead drop-on-demand digital printers (Lyson 400 series). For more information, visit or

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