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Nazdar Consulting Services, Shawnee, KS, announced it will host the very first wide-format inkjet digital G7 training and certification program on October 1-2 at Nazdar's headquarters. The program will be conducted by Don Hutchinson, creator of the G7 process. Nazdar says this event will bring the color-control focus to the wide-format digital inkjet printing market for the first time.

The program is intended for printers who want to implement G7 at their printing facilities, as well as technical-support people who want to learn this process in order to assist printers in the latest color-control method. The G7 method focuses on printing accurate color images by achieving gray balance in the 25%, 50%, and 75% tonal areas. According to Nazdar, this means that there is much more forgiveness towards deviations in the solid ink density and substrate/media color. Nazdar says it has found this method to be an excellent way to control color for wide-format inket digital printing, which uses various ink densities and a multitude of media that are not actually white. Up to this point, G7 training and certification has been strictly focused towards offset litho printers because of their numbers in the printing industry.

The G7 process is owned by IDEAlliance. The two-day training program costs $1000 for members and $1200 for non-members. For more information about the event or to sign up, visit

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