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Vastex says increased productivity and less effort to operate are two advantages offered by the company’s improved printhead, available on all V-2000HD manual textile presses. Vastex added two micro springs to the printheads to keep the screen and printhead more level and steady during microregistration adjustments. Other improvements include a reinforced screen cab engineered to increase the rigidity of the rear microregistration controls. Vastex also added lock nuts to the microregistration clamps to maintain more consistent clearance in the moving parts and replaced the paint it used on the screen clamps and microregistration parts with zinc plating, which reportedly provides a greater degree of protection and offers a more modern look. The V-2000HD presses continue to offer screen clamps with 12-in.-wide (305 mm) spacing over an inch of steel thread on its 0.5-in. (12.7-mm) clamp knobs. The presses also are equipped with a connecting bar for off-center clamping. The microregistration system has large clamp levers and control knobs with a center bull’s eye to determine the most appropriate location, and its motion is straight with no arc in the x-y movement. Six leveling adjustments ensure precise registration. All screen leveling can be controlled from the top of the press. The off-contact is a vertical movement within the printhead that allows adjustments without changing the front-to-rear angle. Vastex Screen Printing Equipment, 1032 N. Irving St., Allentown, PA 18109-1846, 800-482-7839, e-mail:, Web:


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