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New Self-Adhesive Films

New Self-Adhesive Films

Options added to Aslan products.

Aslan has added to its line of self-adhesive films. EtchedBoard Dryapply Aslan EBL 300 is rewritable with dry-erase whiteboard markers. Available in widths up to 54 in., the glass decoration film mimics a whiteboard and can be used as a privacy screen or for communications and presentation surfaces.

A transparent version has been added to the WrapTheHouse and UltraTack lines for inkjet printing, both of which are offered in 54-in. widths. WrapTheHouse can be applied to rough surfaces such as plaster or brick for short- to medium-term outdoor and indoor use. UltraTack is designed for long-term applications requiring permanent adhesion.

EcoSoftTouch Aslan SL 109 is an eco-friendly, matte-finish, protective laminate film for full or partial finishing of prints, packaging, smooth interior surfaces, and banners. Available in 35- and 40-in. rolls.

Aslan UV-PrintProtect is designed to shield UV prints from weathering and mechanical wear while providing a uniform surface. Available in matte and glossy finishes in widths up to 53 in.


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