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Nur Macroprinters, Lod, Israel, and Jerusalem, Israel-based HumanEyes Technologies joined forces to develop a solution for printing 3D lenticular applications. It incorporates HumanEyes’ software to create lenticular content, lenticular substrates, and Nur’s Tempo flatbed UV inkjet printer. Nur says its Tempo ensures precise alignment between the substrates and image to optimize the quality of the resulting 3D and other lenticular effects. 

The Nur Tempo Lenticular 3D solution reportedly can produce all six varieties of lenticular products, including photographic 3D, layered 3D, flip, zoom, morphing, and animation using a special screen calibrated at 10-40 lenticules/in. The kit is composed of five different lenticular screens (10, 15, 20, 30, and 40 lines/in.), each with a different characteristic for either 3D view (20 and 40 lines/in.) or flip view (10, 15, and 30 lines/in.). 

The kit also contains a reference job for performing preliminary tests to ensure that the software, lenticule, and Tempo work in correlation; installation and operation documentation and reference print samples; and a HumanEyes 3D software kit that includes software, tutorials, user guide, protection dongle, sample files, anaglyph glasses, and the professional version of HumanEyes’ Capture3D software. HumanEyes’ software is available directly from HumanEyes Technologies, 267 East Jericho Turnpike, 1 FL, Mineola, NY 11501, 800-552-7344, fax: 516-908-7761, e-mail:, Web: Nur America, Inc. is located at 85 Oxford Dr., Moonachie, NJ 07074-1020, 201-708-2100, fax: 201-708-2111, Web:

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