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Looking for a nylon white ink that doesn’t require a catalyst yet forms a long-lasting bond? Consider Nylon White N1001 from Triangle Ink. The ink is designed for printing on all types of nylon or dazzle cloth, is ready to use out of the can, and does not require premixing of additional ingredients. Leftover ink can be returned to the can. Nylon White can be used as an underbase for other colors, and it’s available in any shade offered on Triangle Ink’s color chart. Traingle says the ink is bright and opaque and offers a smooth, non-glossy finish and excellent adhesion and abrasion resistance when properly cured. Nylon White is available in 1-gal buckets and 5-gal drums. Triangle Ink, 53-57 Van Dyke St., Wallington, NJ 07057, 800-524-1592, e-mail:, Web:


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