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Looking for an inexpensive, large-format graphics press to produce banners, P-O-P, and other graphics up to 5 x 16 ft? Consider the Jaguar one-arm graphics press from TMI Screenprinting Equipment. The press is equipped with a parallel lifting mechanism driven by compressed air for easy operation and the elimination of problems typically found in using one-arm clamshell presses. Screens are held in a side clamp system that allows for use of warped frames and roller frames. Small frames can be positioned at any point above the print surface. Lift can be controlled independently at all four corners. A universal holder with an adjuster allows users to set squeegee angle and pressure, while an aluminum vacuum bed with microregistration helps ensures accurate image placement. Power is required only for the vacuum and electromagnetic hold down. The vacuum delivers suction during printing with a pre-vacuum for challenging materials. Auto shutoff is triggered by the screen-lifting mechanism during the print run. Height-adjustment range is 3 in. (76.2 mm), allowing for printing on a variety of materials. TMI Screenprinting Equipment, 1475 15th St., Courtenay, BC, V9N 2C3, Canada, 250-334-2598, fax: 250-334-1534, Web:


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