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ORACAL USA, Jacksonville, FL, held a reception and plant tour on May 14-15 at the company’s new manufacturing facility located in Black Creek, GA. ORACAL invited more than 50 of its key distributors and other industry partners to help celebrate the completion of the first phase of ORACAL’s 245,000-sq-ft, $45-million-dollar property. It’s equipped with technology to produce self-adhesive, special-purpose products in support of ORACAL’s North American, Latin American, and Caribbean strategic initiatives.

“With the addition of the new US manufacturing facility, ORACAL USA is in a position to provide even greater efficiencies in production and transportation, accommodating increasing product demand and industry growth,” says Ben Philips, founder and president of ORACAL USA. “Without the support of our distributors and partners, however, none of this would have been possible.” The new facility is located at 1100 Oracal Pkwy., Black Creek, GA 31308, 912-851-5000, 888-672-2251, fax: 912-851-5050, Web:

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