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Our Success Group Launches Success Tracker Program




Our Success Group has announced the launch of its latest tool for helping businesses grow. The new tool, the Success Tracker Program, offers ongoing accountability from like-minded business owners and the support needed to help participating businesses reach goals. 

Our Success Group was founded by Aaron Montgomery and Todd Downing, two entrepreneurs who have learned the ropes of business success as part of their own journeys. Now, they are helping others reach success with Our Success Group, a platform in which businesses can receive training in areas including marketing, growth, and sales, through bi-weekly training, access to past training, a private Facebook Group for mentorship and networking, and more. 

With the launch of the Success Tracker program, business owners get a powerful, multi-faceted tool for helping them reach their 12-month goal. Getting started is simple; a business owner enters their 12-month goal and one milestone they want to reach along the way.  Then, they receive a welcome package with a goal certificate and instructions designed as a visual daily reminder to keep focused on their goals. Business owners receive the support of a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, and Our Success Group sends success tracker members swag in the mail as part of a celebration for reaching the milestone and goal.

Many business owners struggle with setting goals, staying accountable, and reaching their goals within a certain timeframe. The team at Our Success Group is comprised of entrepreneurs who’ve walked the same path and who understand the need for community, accountability, and mentorship. It’s through their Success Tracker program that business owners can receive all of those things to help them stay on track in reaching goals. 

Founding member Heidi Wade said, “Just pulled my Success Tracker welcome pack out of the mail. Got it signed and have my success planner ready to start my goals. This will so help with accountability. I get so sucked into work that I sometimes neglect my goals. Here’s to a new start! Thanks guys!”

According to Downing, “The low-cost big reward investment into your business that will provide support and swag along the way!”


When business owners complete a goal, they can start the Success Tracker again with a new goal. Business owners can sign up now for only $20. 

More information can be found at



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