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OvalJet Direct-to-Garment Press

OvalJet Direct-to-Garment Press

High-output printer leverages screen printing and DTG advancements, according to the company.

The OvalJet high-speed DTG press is designed to combine the speed of DTG printing with the high quality of screen printing. The DTG printer moves 14 pallets through a carousel of automated print stations that prep and image garments in one motion. This multi-pallet oval design allows a single operator to image full-color, full-size prints at speeds up to 240 prints/hr, the company reports. A quick pallet release feature enables different styles, fabrics, and colors in the same run, and in-line digital foundation and in-line neck label printing streamline the printing process.

The OvalJet outputs photorealistic and illustrative graphics with a proprietary water-based 7-color ink set (CMYK + R + G + white), Ricoh Gen5 printheads, and dedicated white and color print cabinets. Additional features include Smart Cure curing system, Smart Press stations to reduce fibrillation and wrinkles, temperature-controlled print cabinet, Caldera RIP software, and optional Turbine Enterprise software with integrated production RIP and inventory management. The press is designed to image textiles with natural fibers and blends with higher percentages of natural fibers, such as cotton and cotton/poly blends.


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