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P5 Large-Format Digital Printer from Durst

P5 Large-Format Digital Printer from Durst

First in a new generation of machines.

Durst has revealed the P5 series of printers with the introduction of P5 250 HS. Reportedly up to 70% more productive than Durst’s P10 250 HS printer, the P5 250 HS debuts a completely new machine design that includes MEMS nozzle plates powered by Durst’s data path and electronics. The P5 250 HS can print up to 2583 sq ft/hr in two-pass mode at resolutions up to 1200 dpi, and is capable of offset-quality reproduction according to the company through its 5-pL droplet size. Additional features include a touch-screen user interface, Durst Analytics platform for pre-emptive maintenance and machine/consumption data, and Durst Workflow software, a suite of in-house developed productivity tools.


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