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Pace Industries Inc., Reedsburg, WI, a plastic extruder in the graphic-arts industry, was recently designated a green power company by the Wisconsin Public Power Inc. (WPPI). The recognition is given to companies that procure a threshold amount of its energy needs by either wind, water, organic materials, or other renewable sources.

Pace Industries’ manufacturing facility, located in Reedsburg, reportedly has secured a percentage of WPPI’s wind-turbine power as an alternative energy source instead of the traditional products used, including coal, oil, or natural gas. “Right out of the gate, the wind power we are purchasing is the equivalent to 22 tons of coal-generated power. This translates to the amount of power consumed by 52 homes, annually,” says Blake Pace, president of Pace Industries. “Pace’s green power initiatives have an impact on preserving fossil fuels for future generations and hopefully setting a course for other businesses in selecting alternative natural resources.”  Pace Industries is located at 1400 Industrial St., Reedsburg, WI 53959, 608-524-6777, fax: 608-524-6989, Web:

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