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Pad Print Machinery of Vermont recently debuted its new KP line of pad printers with the KP-08, which replaces the XP-08 mid-size pad printer. The KP-08 prints one to five colors with 3.54-in. (90-mm) ink cups, or it can be configured as a one or two-color machine with 5.12-in. (130-mm) cups. Standard features include micrometrically controlled cliche supports and fixture tables, hermetically sealed ceramic-ring ink cups, and touchpad controls for programming changes. PPMOV says the KP-08 can be used for marking medical devices, decorating promotional products, and more. Pad Print Machinery of Vermont, 201 Tennis Way, PO Box 720, East Dorset, VT 05253, 802-362-0844, fax: 802-362-0858, Web:



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